Christine Conroy

Exploring consciousness through movement.


Acrobat, philosopher, and storyteller specializing in artistic trampwall and weighted aerial fabric.



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 I am a philosopher, raconteur, and dynamic movement enthusiast. Inspired by philosophers and critical thinkers that have explored difficult questions about humanity and ethics throughout time, my work tells stories of modern struggles as well as age old questions about human purpose. A dancer since the age of 2 and martial artist since age 12, I have spent most of my life training my body to express and communicate with others. My goal is to use the danger, beauty, and performer vulnerability inherent in circus as a way to create empathy and understanding around difficult issues. 


My work strives to highlight any cognitive dissonance within my audience by using contrasting styles and apparatuses. Combining dance technique with forceful propulsion allows me to take controlled ballet technique and launch it to unique heights. Or by weighting the bottom of tissu, I am able to add an element of object manipulation to aerial work, creating unpredictable movement, and the illusion of an apparatus with a mind of its own. In creating pieces that defy expectation, I invite my audience to think critically about what they are seeing. It is my hope to make work that helps people think about their world and fellow humans differently.

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Performance Highlights:

  • June 2018 “Flock” directed by Emma Serjeant 2018 tramp wall, weighted fabric, ensemble acrobatics, dance

  • May 2018 “Aloft Tent Takeover” at Circus Flora tramp wall

  • December 2017 “Communion” weighted fabric

  • June 2017 “Rough Draft” weighted fabric, dance, ensemble acrobatics, ensemble juggling, clowning

  • October 2017 “Mercy on Our Souls” ambient trampwall

  • September 2017 City of Chicago’s Grand Opening of Theatre on the Lake lyra hangabout

  • March 2017“48 Hour Project” as part of Moment Festival pulley cloudswing, ensemble acrobatics

  • December 2015 “Aloft Student Show” ensemble silks

  • 2011 “A Day of Leisure” ensemble dance en pointe, acrobatics

  • 1996 San Jose Ballet’s “The Nutcracker” ensemble dance






Instagram: @cncchi

Blog: Christine Gets That Thing


Full Act - Trampwall

Presented in Flock. June 2018.